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2021-10-01  NEW:

The colourful racing yachts had been very well received and more versions were requested.
So today is released the IMOCA set 2: Banque Populaire / Bastide / La Compagnie Du Lit.
One more set with three models of IMOCA Open 60.
general data:
3 racing yachts class Open 60, Vendee Globe
l = 18 m | w = 5,5 m | d = 4,5 m |
sail area 330 qm

HY-228B "IMOCA set 2"
From the ULTIMs are new the Sodebo and the Actual Leader.
general data:
racing yacht, Trimaran class ULTIM 100 |
ship yard: CDK Technologies / Multiplast |
50 kn | l = 32 m | w = 21 m | d = 3,8 m |
sail area 610 qm

HY-230 "Sodebo"
2001 France, owner: Sodebo

HY-230A "Actual Leader"
2014 France, owner: Actual Leader
Next: the sailing yacht Inoui with green hull und blue grey sails.
general data:
2013 Switzerland |
owner: Marco Vögele |
ship yard: Vitters / Netherlands |
l = 33,4 m | w = 6,9 m | d = 5,4 m |
6 passengers, 5 crew

HY-231 "Inoui"
And last but not least the big Pink Gin VI.
With her mast of 60m height, the pink spinnaker and the grey sail (nontransparent) she is the biggest yacht made of carbon fiber.
general data:
2017 United Kingdom
ship yard: Baltic Yachts |
owner: Hans Georg Näder |
l = 53,9m | w = 9,5m | d = 7m |
12 passengers, 8 crew

HY-232 "Pink Gin VI"

2021-03-27  NEW:

Today I start a new series of racing yachts. The first class is the IMOCA Open 60.
The racing yacht Seaexplorer was very much present in the media:
The Vendee Globe 2021 with Boris Herrmann and the atlantic crossing 2019 with Greta Thunberg.
General data:
2015 Germany | racing yacht |
ship yard: Multiplast S.A.S. Vannes |
22 Kn | l = 18 m | w = 5,5 m | d = 4,5 m

HY-228 "Seaexplorer"
IMOCA Satz 1: Boss / Bureau Vallee / MACSF.
This is a set of 3 variants from IMOCA Open 60.
General data:
3 racing yachts, class Open 60, Vendee Globe
l = 18 m | w = 5,5 m | d = 4,5 m |
sail size each 330 qm

HY-228A "IMOCA Satz 1"
The second class is the sailing trimaran Ultim 100 type 2 with the racing yachts Banque Populaire IX and MACIF.
General data:
ship yard: CDK Technologies / Multiplast |
l = 32 m | w = 21 m | d = 3,8 m

HY-229 "Banque Populaire IX"
2017 France
owner: Banque Populaire | sail size 610 qm

2015 France
owner: MACIF | sail size 650 qm
Yachts of type Ultim 100 are not constructed the same. Following models need individual adaption.

2020-11-24  NEW:

Fitting to the former released sailing yachts I can offer you now some more:

HY-224 "Necker Belle"

This sailing yacht is a catamaran of the billionaire Richard Branson.
The name come from "Necker Island", the private island of Branson

General data:
2001 flag Antigua Barbuda |
ship yard: CMN, Cherbourg |
2 Caterpillar je 425 PS | 25 Kn |
l = 32 m | w = 14 m | d = 2,8 m |
crew: 6 | passengers: 10

HY-224A "Lady Barbaretta"

The Necker Belle sailed 2003 - 2006 as charter yacht under the name Lady Barbaretta.
Z = 2004 with white canvas. 2007 sold to Sir Richard Branson.


HY-225 "Douce France"

many years she was the greatest sailing catamaran of the world.
Note the two big masts and his elegance.

General data:
1998 Belgium |
ship yard: Alumarine, France |
2 Nannidiesel 306 PS | 19 Kn |
l = 42,2 m | w = 15,4 m | d = 2,5 m |
crew: 7 | passengers: 12 | IMO 8977285

HY-226 "Baracuda Valletta"

is a beautyful 50m Aluminium yacht and super yacht.

General data:
2009 flag Malta |
ship yard: Perini Navi |
2 Caterpillar Diesel 4312 E | 12 Kn |
l = 50 m | w = 10,5 m | d = 9,8 m |
crew: 8 | passengers: 10 | IMO 9548330

HY-227 "Win Win"

this is a 108 ft Carbon racing yacht, built at Baltic Yachts, Z = 2014 (without Bugspriet). She several times won the Cup Palma. Sailed often with green Gennacker.

General data:
2014 Cayman Islands |
owner: Kim Schindelhauer |
ship yard: Baltic Yachts Finland |
Diesel 283 KW |
l = 33 m | w = 7,6 m | d = 5,5 m |
crew: 4 | passengers: 7

2020-07-08  NEW:

After the big Dynaship sailing yachts Maltese Falcon (HY-154) and Black Pearl (HY-212) today I can offer you another three super yachts / sailing yachts:
HY-221 Red Dragon (51m), HY-222 Aquarius (56m) and HY-223 Vertigo (67m).
These also have automatic sails however no DynaRigg. The rollsail system is located in the big horizontal booms.

HY-221 "Red Dragon"

This beautiful sailing yacht is called a shallop. Its sail area is 2500 qm (Gorch Fock: 2037 qm).
First owner was Baron Guy Ullens

general data:
2008 Flag Cayman Islands, super yacht |
ship yard: Alloy Yachts International / New Zealand |
Diesel 1400 PS | 12 kn | l = 51,7 m | w = 10,2 m | d = 4,9 m |
crew: 10 | passengers: 8 | IMO 1009651

HY-222 "Aquarius"

This sailing yacht (ketch) has been built from the famous Royal Huisman Shipyard and has special dark sails with sail area of 3000 qm (Gorch Fock: 2037 qm).
Owner is Godfrey Cray.

general data:
2018 Flag Cayman Islands, super yacht (ketch) |
ship yard: Royal Huisman Shipyard |
Diesel 832 PS | 15,5 kn | l = 56 m | w = 9,5 m | d = 4,8 m |
8 passengers | IMO 9549437

HY-223 "Vertigo"

This sailing yacht (ketch) from Alloy Yachts has the greatest sail area worldwide: 5330 qm. Often you can see this yacht near Venice.
Owner is Rupert Murdoch.

general data:
2011 Flag Marshall Islands, super yacht |
shipyard: Alloy Yachts International / New Zealand |
2 Caterpillar Diesel a 1044 KW | 18 kn | l = 67,2 m | w = 12,5 m | d = 5 m |
crew: 11 | passengers: 12 | IMO 1011147

2020-02-20  NEW:

Today I can present you three small new models:
HY-220 Alan Kurdi, HY-KÜ-61A Elbphilharmonie and HY-KÜ-60K St. Pauli.

HY-220 "Alan Kurdi"
rescue vessel
built 1951, Germany, Z = 2019 |
ship yard: VEB Schiffswerft, Roslau |
power: SKL Diesel 294 KW | 90 kn |
l = 38,6 m | w = 7,2 m | d = 3,1 m
Originally this was the DDR research vessel "Professor Albrecht Penck" (see HY-159).
Today it is operating as the rescue vessel "Alan Kurdi" on the Mediterranean Sea. Many rescue tasks of this sea-eye ship had been reported in press releases.

HY-KÜ-61A "Elbphilharmonie"
harbour ferry, type 2020 | HADAG
built 2017, Germany |
advertising "Deutscher Ring" |
ship yard: Pelle - Sietas |
power: 2 Scania DI, à 368 KW | 12 kn |
l = 29,5 m | w = 8,4 m | d = 1,7 m | 400 passengers
This is the first HADAG type 2020 vessel built by Pelle-Sietas. This new passenger ferry of the Hamburg harbour can carry 400 passengers instead of 250. Especially see the changes of upper foredeck and under the bridge.

HY-KÜ-60K "St. Pauli"
harbour ferry, type 2000 | HADAG
built 1997, Germany |
advertising "Deutscher Ring" |
ship yard: H. Grube, Ochsenwerder |
power: 2 Cum-Diesel, 566 KW | 12 kn |
l = 30 m | w = 8,1 m | d = 1,5 m | 250 passengers
The HADAG type 2000 vessel "St. Pauli" in its state of 1997: white and advertising "Deutscher Ring".

2019-11-30  new:

at the end of the year appear today three mega yachts.
These became known for their prominent owners or a spectacular film appearance. HY-217 Trump Princess, HY-218 Graceful and HY-219 Nabila.
1980 the yacht Nabila had been built for Adnan Kashoggi (his daughter's name is Nabila). In the James Bond film "never say never" it appeared under the name "Flying Saucer" and was owned by Largo.
1988 Kashoggi sold the yacht Nabila and Donald Trump bought it.
After some modifications it got the new name Trump Princess. 1991 Trump sold it also.
general data :
flag: Panama |
shipyard: Benetti S.p.A. | 1980
power: 2 Nohab-Diesel a 2237 KW | 20 kn |
l = 86 m | w = 13,2 m | d = 4,6 m | BRZ 1768

HY-219 "Nabila"
owner: Adnan Kashoggi
Z = 1980
film yacht James Bond ("never say never")

HY-217 "Trump Princess"
owner: Donald Trump
Z = 1989 (after modifications)
The mega yacht Graceful had been built 2013 at Blohm & Voss in Hamburg.
Since 2014 it is owned by president Wladimir Putin, Russia. The interior is designed very luxuriously and contains an extremly large pool and dance floors.
general data :
flag: British Virgin Islands |
shipyard: Blohm & Voss | 2013
power: 2 MTU a 2312 KW | 17,6 kn
l = 82 m | w = 13,9 m | d = 3,7 m

HY-218 "Graceful"
owner: president Wladimir Putin

2019-05-27  new:

The shipping company Adler GmbH & Co. KG operates popular passenger ferries in the Baltic Sea. Today appear the Adler Mönchgut (ex. Friedrichsort, see HY-1), the Adler Vineta (ex. Adolf Schönfelder) and the Adler Nordica (ex. Westerland)
The Adler Mönchgut operates across the Greifswalder Bodden along the chalk cliffs of Rügen.
General data:
1982 Germany, Z = 2017 | passenger ferry |
ship yard: Lindenau (Kiel) |
Diesel 250 KW | 11,5 Kn | l = 32,9 m | w = 7,6 m | d = 2,2 m |
275 passengers

HY-214 "Adler Mönchgut"
The Adler Vineta connects the seaside resorts along the coast of Usedom.
General data:
1981 Germany, Z = 2010 | passenger ferry
ship yard: HDW Hamburg |
2 Deutz-Diesel 736 KW | 14 Kn | l = 52,7 m | w = 9,53 m | d = 1,36 m |
BRT 527 | IMO: 7904578

HY-215 "Adler Vineta"
The Adler Nordica was operating in the North Sea inter alia for Helgoland tours.
General data:
1972 Germany, Z = 2006 | passenger ferry
ship yard: Mützelfeldwerft GmbH |
2 MWM Diesel 2795 KW | 18,5 Kn | l = 52,7 m | w = 9,53 m | d = 1,36 m |
799 passengers | BRT 999 | IMO: 7211440

HY-216 "Adler Nordica"
The car ferry Mercandia IV (ex. Superflex November) operates on the route Helsingör - Helsingborg. After modification the superstructure is now much longer than on the Mercandia VIII (see HY-204). It comes with blue deck colour and the Forsea-logo on the side.
General data:
1989 Denmark, Z = 2019 | car ferry, route Helsingör – Helsingborg
shipping company: Forsea Ferries | ship yard: North East Shipbuilders Ltd |
Cummins Diesel | 14 Kn | l = 95,8 m | w = 15,2 m | d = 3,6 m |
400 passengers | 170 cars | BRT 527 |
IMO: 8611685

HY-203 "Mercandia IV"
For all fans of the Hamburg harbour ferries of type 2000 today appear another three variants with fine detailed logos and letterings: Tarzan, Jägermeister and Mary Poppins. Further variants will follow.
General data:
harbour ferry HADAG | l = 29,9 m; w = 8,1 m; d = 1,7 m |
Volvo Penta Diesel 2 x 331 KW | 12 Kn | 250 passengers

HY-KÜ-60C "Tollerort"
2006 Germany,
advertising: Tarzan
ship yard: SSB, Oortkaten

HY-KÜ-60D "Tollerort"
2006 Germany,
advertising: Jägermeister
ship yard: SSB, Oortkaten

HY-KÜ-60E "Elbmeile"
2005 Germany
advertising: Mary Poppins
ship yard: SSB, Oortkaten

2019-04-12  new:

For the route Brunsbüttel - Cuxhaven the Niedersachsen (ex. Preussen)
general data:
1939 Germany, Z = 1964 | car ferry Brunsbüttel - Cuxhaven |
ship yard: August Pahl | operator: Seelotse Fährschiff GmbH |
Deutz-Diesel 1000 PS | 14 Kn | l = 44,2 m | w = 10 m | d = 3,9 m |
34 cars | 560 passengers | BRT 573

HY-213 "Niedersachsen"
For the route Brunsbüttel - Cuxhaven also following models are already available in my HY-series:
Niedersachsen (HY-189, 1969), Schleswig-Holstein (HY-190, 1969) Jochen Steffen (HY-188, 1960, Z=1999), Heinrich Wilhelm Kopf (HY-211, 1964, Z=1999) Grete (HY-186, 2010, Z=2015), Anne Marie (HY-186A, 2010, Z=2015)
For the route Römö - Sylt today appears an enhanced new version (Z = 2018) of the Sylt Express.
general data:
2005 Germany, Z = 2018 | doubleended car ferry Römö - Sylt
ship yard: Viskerstrand Verft AS | operator: RSL Römö - Sylt Linie |
4 x 1150 KW diesel-electric drive | 16 Kn | l = 88,16 m | w = 16,1 m | d = 3,7 m |
76 cars | 600 passengers | GT 3650 |
IMO: 9321823

HY-68N "Sylt Express"
Especially for diorams the Hamburg harbour ferries of type 2000 are very popular. They are well known and serve as advertising medium for several customers in many different looks.
The model has been enhanced and will be shipped in future with ultra fine decals.
Today appear the first three new versions of type 2000 ferries in my KÜ-series with the new HY-number HY-KÜ-60: the musical ferries Phantom of the Opera, Aladdin and The Lion King. More versions will follow soon.
general data:
harbour ferry HADAG | l = 29,9 m; w = 8,1 m; d = 1,7 m |
Volvo Penta Diesel 2 x 331 KW | 12 Kn | 250 passengers

HY-KÜ-60A "Tollerort"
2006 Germany, Z = 2013
advertising: Phantom of the Opera
ship yard: SSB, Oortkaten

HY-KÜ-60B "Tollerort"
2006 Germany, Z = 2015
advertising: Aladdin
ship yard: SSB, Oortkaten

HY-KÜ-60G "Altenwerder"
1997 Germany
advertising: The Lions King
ship yard: ASW, Altenwerder

2019-01-03  new:

today has appeared the gigayacht Black Pearl (built 2017) with a length of 106,8m, which is larger than the Maltese Falcon (HY-154). Both ships are equipped with Dynarig sailing system. The sail surface area of the Black Pearl is 2900 qm.
general data :
shipyard: Oceano Alblasserdam | owner: Pleon Limited |
power: 2 MTU, 1080 KW |
17,5 kn | l = 106,8 m | w = 15 m | d = 7,2 m | 12 passengers

HY-212 "Black Pearl"
gigayacht with Dynarig sailing system
IMO = 1012490
Furthermore appears the Atlantic Osprey (SIETAS TYP 136), ex. Alster Rapid (see HY-191), ex. Arneb (see HY-191A), which is a ro-ro-nuclear freighter, built 1986 at SIETAS/Neuenfelde. Z = 2002 after modification, still with rescue boats.
general data :
shipping company: Serco Marine Services | shipyard: SIETAS Neuenfelde |
power: MAN-B&W Diesel 1140 KW |
13 kn | l = 88,6 m | w = 13,8 m | d = 5,1 m

HY-209 "Atlantic Osprey"
ro-ro-nuclear freighter
IMO = 8602414

2018-08-23  new:

In line with the previous models (Tycho Brahe and Aurora) today come some more Scandlines ferries:
The Mercandia VIII (Z=2015) had been modernized and operates the routes Helsingör - Helsingborg, Rödby - Puttgarden, temporarily also Gedser - Rostock.
General data :
build 1987 | IMO = 9007128 | ship yard: North East Shipbuilders Ltd |
shipping company: Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör (HH Ferries Group) | power: Cummins Diesel 2750 KW | 12,5 kn | l = 95,8 m | w = 15,2 m | d = 3,6 m | 303 passengers | 170 cars

HY-204 "Mercandia VIII"
Z = 2015
To the former ferries of the route Helsingör - Helsingborg also belong the two Scandlines ferries Prinsesse Anne-Marie and Prinsesse Elisabeth. Later - after the sale 1997 - they operated the route Cuxhaven - Brunsbüttel as Jochen Steffen (see HY-188) und Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf.
General data Anne-Marie:
build 1960 | IMO = 5285447 | ship yard: Aalborg ship yard A/S |
power: B&W Diesel ges. 8335 KW | 17 kn | 3412 BRT | l = 104,6 m | w = 17,7 m | d = 4,6 m | 800 passengers | 157 cars

HY-205 "Prinsesse Anne-Marie"
Z = 1997, shipping company: Scandlines Danmark A/S
Route Helsingborg - Helsingör
General data Elisabeth/Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf:
build 1964 | IMO = 6400288 | ship yard: Aalborg ship yard A/S |
power: B&W Diesel ges. 8335 KW | 12,5 kn | l = 103,4 m | w = 17,7 m | d = 4,6 m | 800 passengers | 124 cars

HY-206 "Prinsesse Elisabeth"
Z = 1997, shipping company: Scandlines Danmark A/S
Route Helsingborg - Helsingör

HY-211 "Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf"
Z = 1999 | shipping company: Elbe-Ferry
Route Brunsbüttel - Cuxhaven
The toll patrol Helgoland (see also HY-117) has got a new painting and is now available in blue.
General data :
build 2009 | ship yard: TKMS Blohm & Voss Nordseewerke |
power: Diesel-elektr. 2 x 3800 KW | 20 kn | l = 49,4 m | w = 19 m | d = 4,5 m

HY-117C "Helgoland"
Z=2018, toll patrol (SWATH)

2018-04-29  new:

The Öresund ferries Tycho Brahe and Aurora af Helsingborg run in a different colouring from today. Due to several inquiries I now offer them in a limited edition.
General data :
ship yard: Tangen Verft A/S Kragerö | power: 4 Wärtsilä 9840 KW |
14,9 kn | l = 111,2 m | w = 28,2 m | d = 5 m | 1250 passengers | 238 cars

HY-201A "Tycho Brahe"
Z = 1992
built 1991, Denmark |
railway ferry Helsingör - Helsingborg |
shipping comp.: Scandlines Helsingör Aps
IMO = 9007116

HY-202A "Aurora af Helsingborg"
Z = 1992
built 1992, Sweden |
railway ferry Helsingborg - Helsingör |
shipping comp.: Scandlines AB
IMO = 9007128
Also the Africa Mercy is now available in a further design: the current colours. The former IC ferry "Dronning Ingrid" (see HY-6C). had been transformed into a floating clinic. The alterations took place 1999-2007 at the A+P ship yard.
General data :
built 1980, flag Malta | operator: Africa Mercy Malta Ltd |
ship yard: Helsingör Skibsvaerft A/S | power: 4 B&W Diesel; 4 x 3120 KW |
18,9 kn | l = 152 m | w = 23,7 m | d = 6,02 m | 5 operation rooms, 474 beds

HY-72A "Africa Mercy"
hospital ship
Z = 2016

2017-12-11  new:

Today appear the Scandlines ferries Tycho Brahe and Aurora af Helsingborg. Built as railway and car ferries they serve the route Helsingör - Helsingborg since 1992.
The bridges of these both danish-swedish sisters are very different. Also compared to the previous ferries (until 1991) there are huge deviations: for example the ship's width had been more than doubled from 13,3 m to 28,2 m. For that reason the ships appear a little bit bulky, but otherwise they allow an extremly fast loading and unloading in 10 minutes.
General data :
ship yard: Tangen Verft A/S Kragerö | power: 4 Wärtsilä 9840 KW |
14,9 kn | l = 111,2 m | w = 28,2 m | d = 5 m | 1250 passengers | 238 cars

HY-201 "Tycho Brahe"
built 1991, Denmark |
railway ferry Helsingör - Helsingborg |
shipping company: Scandlines Helsingör Aps
IMO = 9007116

HY-202 "Aurora af Helsingborg"
built 1992, Sweden |
railway ferry Helsingborg - Helsingör |
shipping company: Scandlines AB
IMO = 9007128

2017-10-31  new:

Some time ago I got very good pictures of the both ro-ro-vessels of sietas type 52 Hansa and Wasa operating as CARGO FERRIES for the well known TT-Linie.
They were the first cargo ferries of this ship owner company and had been equipped with bow- and stern loading ramps.
once more the general data :
built 1967, ship owner: TT-Linie | ship yard: Sietas |
power: MAK Diesel 2200 PS |
14 kn | l = 78,1 m | w = 13,8 m | d = 3,1 m | BRT 999

HY-198A "Hansa"
cargo ferry Travemünde - Trelleborg
IMO = 6718037

HY-199C "Wasa"
cargo ferry Travemünde - Trelleborg
IMO = 6723915
The small river boat Mainz operates for the WSA Bingen.
The special edition HY-194A shows the transfer of deceased chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl on 2017-07-01 to the sepulchre in Speyer. The vessel has a half-mast-flag and the coffin is loaded in stern.
general data :
built 1943, Germany | ex Hungaria (-1954) |
river boat WSA Bingen | ship yard: Christof Ruthof |
power: 2 Diesel à 220 KW | 12,5 kn | l = 40,3 m | w = 6 m | d = 1,5 m
HY-194 "Mainz"
HY-194A "Mainz"
Z = 2017-07-01

2017-05-28  new:

Today appear two more ships of the Sietas shipyard in Hamburg. With Type 52 the first ro-ro-freighters were built: The Hansa only with bow flap and the Wasa already with opportunity for bow and stern loading. Under the first operator TEAMLINE they served the route Hamburg - Stockholm.  
Subsequent operators (z.B. SEA MALTA) deployed them worldwide and also only with ramps for stern loading.
These ships were built highly durable, so that they are in service even today after 50 years!
general data:
ro-ro-freighter | ship yard: Sietas | l=78,1 m; w=13,8 m; d=3,1 m |
power: Mak-Diesel 2200 PS | 14 kn. | BRT 999

HY-198 "Hansa"
1967 Germany
ship owner: Teamline, route: Hamburg - Stockholm
IMO = 6718037

HY-199 "Wasa"
1967 Germany
ship owner: Teamline, route: Hamburg - Stockholm
IMO = 6723915

HY-199A "Zejtun"
1967 Malta, Z = 1975, ex. Wasa
ship owner: Sea Malta
IMO = 6723915

2017-02-06  new:

Today appeare two danish ferries of the Vogelfluglinie "Prinsesse Benedikte" and "Prins Richard".
Prinsesse Benedikte in state of 2004 after modifications in the upper decks and fitting additional hanging decks. Prins Richard in state of 2014 after conversion to hybrid ferry with green hull line and new lettering (Scandlines Hybrid Ferry).
general data:
ship owner: Scandlines A/S |
ship yard: Ørskov Christensen Staalskibsværft |
l=142 m; w=25,4 m; d=5,8 m | 1040 passengers | 365 cars | BRZ=15500

"Prinsesse Benedikte"
1997 Denmark, Z = 2004 after modification
car and railway ferry
IMO = 9144421

"Prins Richard"
1997 Denmark, Z = 2014 after conversion to hybrid ferry
car and railway ferry
IMO = 9144419

2016-10-25  new:

The BEHALA heavy goods shuttle has been developed especially for Siemens in Berlin-Moabit. The biggest gas turbine in the world, the SGT5-8000H weighs 440 tons. The shuttle takes also all the other gas turbins to Berlin's Westhafen. The project is now to be extended to other transport functions.

The ships in details:
Edlena, pusher boat
1970, Germany | shipping company: Ed Line | ship yard: VEB-Yachtwerft Berlin |
l = 23,6 m, w = 8,2 m, d = 1,5 m | Power 2 Diesel a 300 PS
HY-193 "Edlena"
Ursus, heavy goods barge
2012, Germany | operator: BEHALA | ship yard: Erlenbacher Schiffswerft | l = 64,5 m, w = 9,5 m
HY-193A "Ursus"
Z = with gas turbine (packed).

2016-09-18  new:

Today appear two ships of the Washbay Line: Alster Rapid, built at Sietas (Sietas type 136), and Henry Stahl, built at Schulte Bruns.
Until 1995 the Washbay Line served the route Hamburg - King's Lynn carrying cars and bulky goods. For each of both ships also appears a follower version.
general data for Alster Rapid, built 1986:
shipyard: Sietas Neuenfelde, Sietas type 136
l=88,6 m; w=13,8 m; d=5,1 m | power: MAN-B&W Diesel 1140 KW | 13 kn | IMO = 8602414

HY-191 "Alster Rapid"
1986 Germany
route: Hamburg - King's Lynn | BRT 999
ship owner: Washbay Linie GmbH (Henry Stahl)

HY-191A "Arneb"
1986 Germany, Z = 1996
ex Alster Rapid (1986 - 1994) | BRZ 3793
ship owner: Argo shipping company
Arneb Schifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG
general data for Henry Stahl
built 1973 | ro-ro-transporter
shipyard: Schulte & Bruns (Baunr. 274)
l=67,1 m; w=12,8 m; d=4,1 m | power: Deutz Diesel 1440 PS | BRT 499 | 12,5 kn | IMO = 7349651

HY-192 "Henry Stahl"
1973 Germany
route: Hamburg - King's Lynn
ship owner: Washbay Linie GmbH

HY-192A "Esther I"
1973 flag Panama, Z = 2006
ex Ytong I (1995 - 2005), ex Henry Stahl (1973 - 1995)
ship owner: Shega Trans S.A Albania

2016-07-17  new:

The elbe ferries Schleswig-Holstein and Niedersachsen are both re-issued. After the elbe service further use brought interesting changes: several modifications of stern and superstructures, different colors, fonts and onboard cranes. The new models of today show these various changes.
General data Niedersachsen: built 1969, ship yard: Mützelfeld |
power: 1839 KW | 15 kn | l = 60,6 m | w = 11,5 m | d = 4 m |
cars 45 | passengers 300 | IMO = 6917164
HY-189 "Niedersachsen"
Germany, car ferry Cuxhaven - Brunsbüttel
shipping company: Grüne Küstenstraße
HY-189A "Oceania"
Italy, Z=1998, car ferry Pozzuoli - Ischia
shipping company: Traghetti Pozzuoli
HY-189B "Moorea Ferry II"
Fransk Polynesien, Z=2012, car ferry
shipping company: Comp. Tahitienne Maritime
HY-189C "Oceania"
Italy, Z=2004, car ferry Pozzuoli - Ischia
shipping company: Maregiglio S.r.L.
HY-189D "Oceania"
Italy, Z=1999, car ferry Pozzuoli - Ischia
shipping company: Maregiglio S.r.L.
general data Schleswig-Holstein: built 1969, ship yard: D.W. Kremer Sohn GmbH & Co | power: 1839 KW | 15 kn | l = 61,6 m | w = 11,5 m | d = 4 m |
cars 45 | passengers 400 | IMO = 6908826
HY-190 "Schleswig-Holstein"
car ferry Cuxhaven - Brunsbüttel
shipping company: Grüne Küstenstraße
HY-190A "Schleswig-Holstein"
Germany, Z=1985, car transporter
shipping company: E. H. Harms GmbH
HY-190B "Dugvan"
flag = Färöer, Z=2005, car ferry Klaksvik - Lorvik
shipping company: Foroya - Landsstyri
HY-190C "Sal Rei"
flag = Kap Verde, Z=2012, car ferry Santo Antao - Sao Vicente, shipping company: STM - Transportes Maritimos
In addition to the former issued pilot vessels Elbe Pilot (HY-100A) und Weser Pilot (HY-100) are now available two versions with heli also.
General data: ship yard: Abeking & Rasmussen
l = 60,4 m | w = 24,6 m | d = 6 m, | diesel-electr. 2 x 1200 KW | 13,2 kn |
max. 50 pilots
HY-195B "Elbe Pilot"
2010, Germany
SWATH pilot vessel Deutsche Bucht
IMO = 9514793
HY-195C "Weser Pilot"
2010, Germany
SWATH pilot vessel Deutsche Bucht
operator: Lotsenbrüderschaft Weser, IMO = 9514808
And last but not least is presented one more tug boat, stationed in Hamburg:
2016 Germany, shipping company: Bugsier |
l=24,5 m | w=11,3 m | d= 4,6 m; power: 2 x 2100 KW |
BRZ 270 |13 kn | bollard pull 70 t.

HY-197 "Bugsier 22"

2016-04-30  new:

In addition to Grete und Anne Marie (see 2016-02-29) apppear today the estonian versions. Note the grey passenger decks and the different lettering.
general data:
shipping company: Saaremaa Laevakompaii, Roomassaare, Estland |
ship yard: Vakaru Laivu Statykla |
l=97,8 m; w=17,9 m; d=4,2 m | 600 passengers | 160 cars | BRZ=5233 |
power: 2 Wärtsilä, total 5320 KW | 15 kn.

HY-187 "Saaremaa"
2010 Estonia
car fery Virtsu - Kuivastu.
IMO = 9474072

HY-187A "Muhumaa"
2010 Estonia, Z = loaded with cars
car ferry Rohukula - Hiiumaa.
IMO = 9474060

2016-02-29  new:

A new ferry service is established between Cuxhaven and Brunsbüttel. The shipping company Elb-Link (Cuxhaven), a subsidiary of Saaremaa, operates there two sister vessels since 2015: the double-ended ferries Grete and Anne-Marie (previously operating between Virtsu und Kuivarstu/Estonia).
general data:
shipyard: Vakaru Laivu Statykla | shipping company: Elb-Link
route: Cuxhaven - Brunsbüttel | 600 passengers | 160 cars | 5233 BRZ
power: 2 Wärtsilä, total 5320 KW | l=97,8 m | w=17,9 m | d=4,2 m

HY-186 "Grete", ex. Muhumaa (2010 - 2015)
Z=2015, Germany, flag Estonia; car ferry
IMO = 9474060

HY-186A "Anne-Marie", ex. Saaremaa (2010 - 2015)
Z=2015 loaded with cars, Germany, flag Estonia; car ferry
IMO = 9474072
1969 - 1981 the Niedersachsen (see HY-11) and the Schleswig-Holstein sailed between Cuxhaven and Brunsbüttel, both operated by Schiffahrts GmbH Grüne Küstenstraße.
shipyard : D.W. Kremer Sohn GmbH & Co | Grüne Küstenstraße
route: Cuxhaven - Brunsbüttel | 400 passengers | 45 cars
power: 1839 KW | l=57,9 m | w=11,5 m | d=4 m
HY-190 "Schleswig-Holstein"
1969 Germany, Z=loaded with cars; car ferry
IMO = 6908826
After a break of 18 years a new trial had been started 1999 - 2001 by the shipping company Elbe-Ferry (Harms) with former danish ships. One of them was the Jochen Steffen.
shipyard : Aalborg Werft A/S | shipping company: Elbe-Ferry (Harms)
route: Cuxhaven - Brunsbüttel | 800 passengers | 157 cars | 3486 BRT
power: 2 x B+W Diesel, total 11200 PS | l=104,6 m | w=17,7 m | d=4,6 m

HY-188 "Jochen Steffen", 1999 Germany; car ferry
ex. Prinsesse Anne-Marie (1960-1997), Denmark;
IMO = 5285447
We have also News concerning pilot station vessels.
Since 2012 the Belgian DAB Vloot operates the SWATH pilot station vessel Wandelaar with tenders. The working version shows a Sikorsky-helicopter during winching.
shipyard : Abeking & Rasmussen | operator: DAB Vloot
power: Diesel-electr. 2 x 1260 KW |12,8 kn | l=60,4 m | w=24,6 m | d=6,5 m
max. 50 pilots | crew: 20 Pers.

HY-195 "Wandelaar", 2012 Belgium;
SWATH pilot station vessel
IMO = 9569011
HY-195A "Wandelaar", 2012 Belgium;
SWATH pilot station vessel, Z=with heli (Sikorsky)
IMO = 9569011
The Westdiep had been delivered to the Belgian piloting service as the first SWATH pilot tender.
shipyard : Abeking & Rasmussen | operator: DAB Vloot
power: Diesel-electr. 2 x 748 KW |18 kn | l=25,6 m | w=13 m | d=2,7 m

HY-196 "Westdiep", 2011 Belgium; SWATH pilot tender
IMO 9568988

2015-11-22  new:

The LNG-energy barge Hummel supplies cruise liners with electricity during their stay at port. The operator is "Hybrid Port Energy" and cooperates closely with AIDA Cruises.

HY-184 "Hummel"

HY-184A "Hummel with Löwe"
2014, Germany | LNG-energy barge for electricity supply for cruise liner
General data:
shipyard: SAM Shipbuilding + Maschinery (Komarno) |
power: 5 x 1550 KW (5 Caterpillar) | l=76,7 m | w=11,4 m | d=1,7 m
Nowadays also ferries are sailing with LNG power, for example the new Helgoland ferry "Helgoland" and the redesigned and modernized AG-Ems carferry Ostfriesland.
Through the modification the Ostfriesland has been converted into an almost new ship. A book about this Borkum-ferry is available at Oceanum Verlag.

HY-185 "Ostfriesland" 1985, Z=2015 after modification
General data:
Germany | route: Emden – Borkum | carferry (green-ship) | shipping company: AG Ems | shipyard: Martin Janssen-Leer / modification: BVT-Bremen |
power: Diesel-gas-electric with two Schottel twin propellers 2 x 1150 KW | 16 kn | BRZ=2596 | l=94,07 m | w=12,5 m | d=2,4 m | 1200 passengers | 70 cars |
IMO 8324622
And at least today also appears an updated version of the Halunder Jet
Z=2015, passenger catamaran.
HY-KÜ-31N "Halunderjet"
General data:
2003 Germany | shipyard : Kvaerner – Fjellstrand A/S |
route Hamburg - Helgoland | 579 passengers |
power : 9463 PS | 36,5 Kn | l=52 m | w=12,3 m

2015-09-04  new:

Under the factory numbers 1295 and 1296 the latest big ferries have been produced by Sietas for the danish Faergen company. The "Samsö" had only some test runs in 2011 before she was converted 2012 to serve now the route Spodsbjerg - Taars under the new name "Lolland". The sistership "Langeland" followed some month later.
general data:
ship owner: Faergen; ship yard: Sietas, l=99,9m; w=18,2m; d=3,2m; 600 passengers, 127 cars; BRZ=4500; TDW=750; power: 4 x 850 KW Diesel; 16 kn.

HY-183 "Samsö"
2011, Denmark, Z= 2011
car ferry (only test runs).
IMO = 9594690

HY-183A "Lolland"
2011, Denmark, Z= 2012, ex. Samsö
car ferry, route Spodsbjerg - Taars.
IMO = 9594690

HY-183B "Langeland"
2012, Denmark, Z= 2012, loaded
car ferry, route Spodsbjerg - Taars.
IMO = 9596428

2015-07-15  new:

Two new tugs of Alp Maritim Services BV. have been produced (see also 2015-05-31) "Alp Ace" and "Alp Ippon": two anchor handling tugs
General data:
ship yard: Mützelfeld/Cuxhaven | operator: Alp Maritim Services BV.
l=58,5 m | w=14,8 m | d=5,8 m | 14 000 KW | bp 200 to
HY-180 "Alp Ace" 2006 The Netherl., ex. Magnus, Z=2015
HY-180A "Alp Ippon"
working position 2007 The Netherl., ex. Taurus, Z=2015
Also a new yacht has appeard: "Impulsive".
1994, Monaco, Z=2011, flag: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, luxury yacht.
ship yard: Norship | owner: Hank Freid |
power 2 x 2252 PS | 32 kn | l=36,7 m | w=7,2 m | d=1,7 m

HY-181 "Impulsive"
The luyury yacht "Impulsive" is often seen in Monaco. The design is similar to the "Moonraker" (HY-94). It is provided with pool and radom.
Last but not least: a harbour ferry of Hamburg: "Tonne".
1960 Germany, Z=2015, ex Tonndorf (-2008), harbour ferry.
This is the good old "Tonndorf" (see also HY-KÜ-29 and HY-KÜ-30), built at SIETAS.

HY-182 "Tonne"
(ex. Tonndorf)
Owner: R. Schwarz | ship yard: Sietas | power: MAK-Diesel 370 PS | 11 kn |
l=30 m | w=8,2 m | 607 passengers

2015-05-31  new:

At the international meeting in Kassel following models had been presented:
Mega+Motti, pusher unit
built: 1974+1993 | shipyard Mega: OY Wärsilä AB Helsinki, shipyard Motti: STX-Turku | length: Mega=39,9 m, Motti=130,1 m | width: Mega=13,9 m, Motti=23,9 m | draught: Mega=5,4 m, Motti=5,4 m | DWT/Motti = 8212 | power: Mega=MAK 2200 KW, Motti=430 KW (bow thruster)
HY-177 "Mega+Motti", shipping company: Finnlines/Lumi Shipping Oy

Finnlines pusher unit, Z=1996
HY-177A "Mega+Motti", shipping company: Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG

Briese pusher unit, Z=2012 loaded with silos
Furthermore new are four Alp anchor handling tugs.
The Harms tugs ( HY-79 "Janus", HY-80 "Ursus", HY-136/ HY-136A "Uranus", HY-139/ HY-139A "Orcus") had been sold to Alp Maritim Services BV. The A-Frames had been removed, also the big hydraulic engine on backbord. The hulls are now grey colored with orange emblem. The winches of "Alp Winger" and "Alp Forward" are now expanded.
Niederlande, Z=2015
shipyard: Mützelfeld/Cuxhaven | shipping company: Alp Maritim Services BV. | l=74,3 m | w=20,9 m | d=8,2 m | 4 x 4500 KW | 17 kn
HY-178 "Alp Centre"
built 2010, ex. Orcus
Bp 297 to
HY-178A "Alp Guard"
built 2009, ex. Uranus
in working position
Bp 285 to
The Netherlands, Z=2015
ship yard: Mützelfeld/Cuxhaven | shipping company: Alp Maritim Services BV. | l=65 m | w=18,5 m | d=6,8 m | 14000 KW | Bp 220/234 to | 15 kn
HY-179 "Alp Winger"
built 2007, ex. Janus
HY-179A "Alp Forward"
built 2008, ex. Ursus
in working position

2015-04-27  new:

Today we offer five new models on the subject "Airbus".
(Already available from HYDRA: HY-73/HY-73A "Afon Dyfrdwy", HY-74A "Breuil", HY-74B "Brion", HY-75/HY-75A/HY-75B "Kugelbake", HY-89B "SCH 2635" Push tow with Airbus equipment).
First the ro-ro-transportship "City of Hamburg" in a basic version (HY-174) and in working state (HY-174A). The ship is also used for car transport.
general data:
2008 France | shipping company: Höegh/Louis Dreyfus | shipyard: Singapure Technology Marine |
power: 2 x 4000 KW | 19 kn | l = 127 m; w = 20,6 m; d = 5,5 m | DWT = 3500 | BRZ = 15643 | IMO = 9383558

HY-174 "City of Hamburg" basic version
HY-174A "City of Hamburg", rollout A380 wing
tailgate open for unloading a wing of the A 380
Furthermore HY-175 the sister ship "Ciudad de Cadiz".
General data are the same as "City of Hamburg" except: year of construction = 2009 and IMO = 9383560

HY-175 "Ciudad de Cadiz"
And last but not least HY-176: a new edition of the "Ville de Bordeaux" Z=2014, supplemented with HY-176A in working state. The old version (HY-71) is no longer available.
general data:
2004 France | shipping company: Höegh/Louis Dreyfus | shipyard: Jinling Shipyard/Nanjing, China |
drive: 2 x MAK Diesel each 8400 KW | 21 kn | l = 154,1 m; w = 24 m; d = 6,5 m | DWT = 5200 | BRZ = 21528 | IMO = 9270842

HY-176 "Ville de Bordeaux" basic version
HY-176A "Ville de Bordeaux"
rollout A 380 cockpit
tailgate open for unloading a cockpit segment of A 380.

2015-02-27  new:

in addition to the Grönland (HY-170) and Nungu Ittuk (HY-171) today appeares the third and last version of that heavy-lift cargo vessel and icebreaker (class 1A super): the Kista Arctica (HY-173) of Royal Arctic Line.
General data: see 2015-01-31

HY-173 "Kista Arctica"

2015-01-31  new:

from now the icebreaker and heavy-lift cargo vessel "Grönland" is available as HYDRA model, and also its variant "Nungu Ittuk" after modification 1983.
general data:
IMO: 7226263; ship yard: Nystads Varv/Finnland (Baunr: 266) |
l=93,9 m | w=17,2 m | d=7,3 m | power 5000 PS Pielstick; 14,9 kn | BRT=3338 | NRT=1823

HY-171 "Grönland", 1973 Denmark
ship yard: Nystads Varv
shipping company: B. til Det Dansk-Franske D/S A/S Kobenhavn;
with white containers, cargo-handling gear lifted

HY-172 "Nungu Ittuk", 1983 Denmark
ex. Grönland
shipping company: Nordania Leasing, Kobenhavn;
unloaded, cargo-handling gear layed down
new helipad at the stern.
Also new is "Hunte", a harbour tug in Hamburg, operated by Lütjens & Reimers since a long time (before: URAG/Bremen, see also HY-125 "Hunte").
2010 Germany; shipyard: ASL-shipyard | 3 Diesel 3 x 1768 KW; 13 kn | BP=85 to | l=28 m | w=12 m | d=6m

HY-125A "Hunte"

2014-12-13  new:

the current new models come in a small limited edition: five ASD-tugs of type Damen ASD 2411 (Damen Shipyard / Netherl.):
HY-170A "Svitzer Warden"; 2006, flag UK, harbour tug
shipping company: Svitzer towage
l=24,4 m; w=11 m; d=5,6 m; 2 Caterpillar total 4170 KW
HY-170B "Malta"; 2014, flag Malta, harbour tug
shipping company: Rimorchiatori Riuniti S.P.A
l=24,4 m; w=10,7 m; d=5,3 m; 2 Caterpillar total 5600 PS
HY-170C "Kestrel"; 2013, flag Dom. Republic, harbour tug
owner: Mina Saqr Port Authority
l=24,4 m; w=10,7 m; d=5,3 m; 2 Caterpillar total 5600 PS
HY-170D "Jabal Ghaf"; 2010, flag St. Vincent / Grenadines, harbour tug
owner: Port of Fujairak, U.A.E.
l=24,4 m; w=11,3 m; d=5,6 m; 2 Caterpillar total 5600 PS
HY-170E "Hauraki"; 2014, flag New Zealand, harbour tug
owner: Ports of Aukland
l=23,9 m; w=11,3 m; d=5,6 m; 2 Caterpillar total 5632 PS
furthermore another ASD-tug from the Gemsan Shipbuilding Industrie / Istanbul
HY-151 "BB Supporter" 2009 Norway
shipping company: Bukser og Berging
l=33,1 m; w=12 m; d=6,1 m; 2 Woitsila à 3217 PS.

2014-10-31  new:

I'm pleased to announce you today some variations of the recently produced HY-169 "Kehdingen" (type Sietas 43).

ex. Kehdingen
1967, Norway, Z= 1987, type Sietas 43, BRT 1342.
shipowner: R. Jakobsen, Bodö (Norway).

ex. Salina, ex. Kehdingen
1967, flag Malta, Z=2002, type Sietas 43, now BRZ = 1437.
Santor ANS Shipowners Ltd, operator: Rana Ship Managers A.S.

"Kaptan Muhsin"
ex. Captain Asaad, ex. Princess Mariam, ex. Vistafjord, ex. Kehdingen
1967, Turkey, flag Panama, Z=2009, type Sietas 43.
Altrans Maritim Services AS / shipowner Altintas Shipping Bandirma / Turkey.
Furthermore is availbale now

"Kings Pointer"
ex. Liberty Star (HY-166B);
1980 USA, Z=2013; l=53,6m, w=11,3m, d=3,8m.
2 x Diesel 2238 KW; BP 27 to, 14 kn;
training ship of United States Merchant Marine Academy.

2014-09-07  new:

The NASA ownes a fleet of special vessels: barges and salvage tugs. For the Space-Shuttle program for instance the huge external tank ET had to be transported and the shuttle boosters had to be salvaged.
The ships in details:
Freedom Star, NASA Bergungsschlepper
1981, flag USA | owner NASA | shipyard Atlantic Marine Inc. | l = 53,65 m, w = 11,28 m, d = 3,8 m | 743 BRZ | 2 diesel 2238 KW | 14 kts | IMO 7925314
HY-166 "Freedom Star"
basic version, Z=2006
HY-166A "Freedom Star"
in working position with equipment, booster, etc.
Liberty Star, NASA Bergungsschlepper
1980, flag USA | owner NASA | shipyard Atlantic Marine Inc. | l = 53,65 m, w = 11,28 m, d = 3,8 m | 743 BRZ | 2 diesel 2238 KW | 14 kts | IMO 7925302
HY-166B "Liberty Star"
in towing position; for NASA Barge "Pegasus" (HY-167).
Pegasus, NASA Barge
1999, flag USA | owner NASA | shipyard Gulf Coast Fabricators Inc. | l = 79,2 m, w = 15,3 m |
GT = 1648
HY-167 "Pegasus"
for towing unit with salvage tug "Liberty Star" (HY-166B).
A further new model is the "Kehdingen", cargo ship
1967, flag Germany | shipowning company H.C. Meyer/Stade | shipyard Sietas/Neuenfelde |
l = 73,3m, w = 11,8m, d = 5,5m | 1 diesel 1500 PS | 13 kts

HY-169 "Kehdingen"

2014-07-13  new:

I'm glad to announce some new models today.
The Sewol, a South Korean Ro-Pax-ferry (shipping company: Chonghaejin), 1994, Z=2013 after modifications, l=145m, w=22m, d=6,3m, 6825 BRZ,
loading capacity: 960 passengers, 90 cars, 60 trucks, 152 TEU.
Sunk 16.4.2014, more than 300 people have died from this tragic accident.

HY-164 "Sewol"
Furthermore five models concerning the two harbour tugs "Adrett" und "Accurat", identical in construction, 1968 (shipping company: Lütgens + Reimers/Hamburg). Both are still in service, even though under different names (see below).
HY-165 "Adrett"
HY-165A "Accurat"
HY-165B "Taucher O.Wulf 5"
ex. Accurat, shipping company Wulf/Cuxhaven.
HY-165C "Clara"
ex. Adrett, shipping company J. Johannsen & Sohn/Lübeck, stationed in Travemünde.
HY-165D "Gruno V"
ex. Clara, ex Adrett, shipping company Sleepdienst Bijma B.V./Niederlande.

2014-05-04  new:

HY-155 "Prompt"
ASD-tug, is a very new tug in Hamburg harbour of the operator Lütjens & Reimers, type Damen 2411, bollard pull 71 to.
HY-161 "Sophia-Soraya"
2007 Germany, is a especially develloped Futura Carrier for ore (length 97,5m, width 13,6m, depth 3m). model state: unloaded.
Operator is the Schramm Group/Brunsbüttel. The ship is used for ore transportation (together with "Kaja Josephine") for Aurubis/Hamburg from Brunsbüttel to Hamburg. Cargo capacity until 2740 to. More than 1 million tons per year have to be shipped. The Sophia has been develloped especially for shallow water, tidal current, low bridges and narrow waterways.
The logo of Aurubis is located on the side.
HY-161A "Kaja Josephine"
sister vessel of "Sophia-Soraya". Especially develloped Futura Carrier for Aurubis (Hamburg).
Model state: heavy loaded. Available soon.
HY-162 "Dettmer Tank 47"
1972 Germany (ex. Lichterfelde), Z=after modification, for tranport of sulfur acid (Aurubis). Shipyard is the SIETAS-Werft. Modified 2003 from Hitzler Werft as double-hull tanker. More than 1 million tons of sulfur acid has to be shipped per year. The acid is produced continually from Aurubis (Hamburg) during copper smelting.
The logo of Aurubis is located on the side.
HY-163 "Herkules IV"
1975 Germany, Z=operator Imperial Shipping Group with 6 Euro-II-lighters.
pusher tug: length=37m, width=13,1m and depth=1,9m, 5500 hp
size of pusher train: length=190m, width=34,2m.
HY-163A "Herkules III"
1972 Germany, Z=Imperial Reederei Gruppe (2003-2012), sister vessel of Herkules IV,
pusher tug.

2014-02-27  new:

HY-156 "Rüstersiel"
1988, traffic control ship, operating for WSA Wilhelmshaven.

HY-157 "Triton"
1997, buoy laying vessel with fire fighting system and big navigation bridge; operating for WSA Tönning.

"Franzius Plate"
1987, work vessel and dredger; operating for WSA Bremerhaven.

HY-159 "Prof. Albrecht Penck"
1951, oldest german research vessel until 2010; operator is Baltic Marine Services.

"Salvador Dali"
2005, Spain, asymmetric tractor tugs (ATTs); both are very innovative vessels with wide hull.

2013-12-02  new:

The mega yacht Maltese Falcon.
Equipped with Dyna-Rigg sails and the sail area of 2400 square meters (Gorch Fock: 2000). A speciality for all yacht enthusiasts.
HY-154 "Maltese Falcon"

2013-11-22  new:

under the motto "your ship with the musical" following models in scale 1:400 are now available.
These very known Hamburg harbor ferries advertise for the musicals "Lion King", "Tarzan" und "Phantom of the Opera".

HY-400-10 "Tollerort"
HADAG passenger ferry Hamburg Harbour
(Phantom of the Opera.

HY-400-9 "Tollerort"
HADAG passenger ferry Hamburg Harbour

HY-400-2 "Altenwerder"
HADAG passenger ferry Hamburg Harbour
(The Lion King).

2013-10-09  new:

two small add-ons for tug enthusiasts
- the Norwegian tug "Vivax" is owned by Reederei Ostensjo and is identical in construction to "Bugsier 9" (see HY-135).
HY-152 "Vivax"
- the New Zealand ASD-tug "Tapuhi" is identical in construction to "Peter" (see HY-118) and another sister vessel "Taiki". The operator is Centre Port's Wellington.
HY-153 "Tapuhi"

HY-KÜ-31A "Halunder Jet"
The Halunder Jet is now available in a revised version and replaces HY-KÜ-31.

2013-09-30  new:

In addition to the presidential yacht Williamsburg (HY-146) today is released the yacht Honey Fitz of J.F.Kennedy.

HY-147 "Honey Fitz"
presidential yacht: Kennedy / Johnson.
Some new work boats are now available and demonstrate some special functions of the WSA (Water and Shipping Authority).

HY-148 "Mittelgrund"
work boat: dredger.

HY-149 "Granit"
work boat: stone carrier.

HY-149A "Granit"
work boat: stone carrier (loaded).

HY-150 "Vilm"
work boat: oil pollution fighter.

2013-08-12  new:

two new tugs are now enlarging the tug series
- tug "Seahorse" (Cotug)
HY-143 "SD Seahorse"
- and tug "Centaurus" (Harms)
HY-144 "Centaurus"
there are also two new yachts to be offered:

HY-145 "Venus"
- the megayacht "Venus" of Steve Jobs (Apple), which had been designed according to his ideas; completed however after his death.

HY-146 "Williamsburg"
- presidential yacht "Williamsburg" AGC369 of USA presidents Truman and Eisenhower 1945-1953. Ex. "Aras" (1930-41) und gunboat PG56 (1941-45).

2013-06-12  new:

in addition to the AHT Uranus (see HY-136) now is available also the Orcus:

HY-139 "Orcus" (offshore version)
Already during construction it had been rebuilt with an A-frame and lateral sponsons.
HY-139A "Orcus" shows the basic version:

2013-04-30  new:

Uranus - the biggest german anchor handling tug - is now also available in the HY-series.
In HY-136A as offshore (anchor handling) version.

HY-136 "Uranus"

HY-136A "Uranus"
Elbe and Ems are interesting multi-purpose tugs of the same type: two assistance and anchor handling tugs.

HY-137 "Elbe"

HY-138 "Ems"
And as already announced in March, the Seebad Ahlbeck (Weiße Flotte) is now available
"Seebad Ahlbeck"

2013-03-08  new:

One more tug from Bugsier (Hamburg) is now available. Size and construction is definitely differing to "Bugsier 5".
HY-135 "Bugsier 9"
Tug for shipowning company Bugsier.
From the well-known "VEB Weiße Flotte" (DDR) had been produced some interesting passenger vessels:
HY-140 "Seebad Ahlbeck"
coming soon.
HY-141 "Deutsch-Sowjetische-Freundschaft"
Getting an age of 100 years it went through many modifications.
Z=1980 with mast moved aback.
HY-142 "Stadt Wismar"
Built in Moscow just as the sistership "Ribnitz-Damgarten". They were the last new buildings for the "VEB Weiße Flotte".

2013-01-03  new:

  HY-131 "Motti"
Some time later than ocean tug Mega today has appeared the barge Motti. Deep loaded with coal.
Here a picture with both: Mega (see HY-122) with Motti

2012-12-03  new:

today three more offshore tugs due to the big interest in this sector
"Fairplay 32"
"Fairplay 33"
"Bremen Fighter"

2012-10-31  new:

Nine new tugs are offered now:
HY-122 "Mega"   ocean tug
HY-123 "Michael"   tug
HY-124 "Bugsier 5"   tug
HY-125 "Hunte"   tug
HY-126 "RT-Margo"   tug
HY-127 "Liguria"   tug
HY-128 "Fairplay XII"   tug
HY-129 "Wezen"   tug
HY-130 "Pb-Plenty"   tug

2012-08-30  new:

The new four tugs are all harbour assisting tugs and are very different in construction (hull and tug technology).

HY-118 "Peter"
tug assisting in Hamburg harbour for Petersen & Alpers shipping company.

HY-119 "Axel"
tug assisting in Travemünde for J. Johannsen shipping company.

HY-120 "Bützfleth"
fire fighting tug assisting in Brunsbüttel for "Elbclearing Betriebsgesellschaft"; presentation in fire fighting state.

HY-121 "RT-Magic"
tug assisting in Bremerhaven for Kotag shipping company.

2012-07-04  new:

Because of the big interest on SWATH models now some additional new miniatures:
- the SWATH toll patrols "Helgoland" (2009) and "Borkum" (2010), which had been also presented during the harbour celebration in Hamburg
HY-117 "Helgoland"
- the SWATH patrol of the Skrunda class (2011, Latvia))
HY-115A "Skrunda"

HY-116 "G 92"
Furthermore the DDR patrol (SAS-boat) "G 92" is now released; see also the intelligence collector "Hydrograph" (HY-111).

2012-03-12  new:

Relating to SWATH are offered now three new models:

HY-100 "Weser Pilot"
The pilot vessel "Weser Pilot", constructed 2010, is the sister ship of the new "Elbe Pilot". Both new ships are larger and more powerful than the former "Elbe" (now "Hanse Pilot") from 2000.

HY-100A "Elbe Pilot"
The new pilot vessel "Elbe Pilot" is available in working state: crane extended and boats removed.

HY-101 "Natalia Bekker"
The SWATH wind park tender "Natalia Bekker" is used for service and transport in the offshore wind park "Bard Offshore I".
The pusher boat "Ronja" - former "SCH 2613" - is now colored yellow and blue; it is operated by the "Märkischer Bunkerservice".
HY-114 "Ronja"
For the ART series is now added "Weserlust" - the last passenger paddle steamer of the so called "Fischgeschwader" (see also "Delphin", "Hecht", "Lachs", "Forelle").
The railway and passenger ferry "Twickenham Ferry" is now available with an own order number.
"Twickenham Ferry"

2011-10-05  new:

The new models from today are ships with special skills.

HY-57A "Baltijsk"
The Baltiysk is the former ro-ro-ferry Finnrider (ex Railship II) - now sailing for Management Baltic Reefers/St. Petersburg. Also the Finnrider will be available soon again!

HY-113A "Linda Dan"
The Linda Dan (operator J. Lauritzen) is a danish freighter for heavy cargo and also an icebreaker. Available unloaded (HY-113) or with cargo (HY-113A).

HY-111 "Hydrograph"
The Hydrograph is a special inteligence collector ship of the former GDR.

HY-110 "Seelotse"
Seelotse is a wellknown traditional german pilot ship from the 50th. Today sailing as traditional museum ship (Bremen).
Borkum (Germany) and Perseus (Netherlands) are modern SWATH pilot tenders.
HY-112 "Borkum"

HY-112A "Perseus"

2011-06-03  new:

Just in time to the international meeting in Kassel I can offer you some new models. These are working boats of the German authorities (Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Emden, Wilhelmshaven). Some vessels you can see in offshore operation.

HY-102A "Leyhörn"
Ro-Ro-oil recovering workboat (Niedersächsischer Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten- und Naturschutz) in operation: with oil recovery system and working crane on deck

HY-103A "Hol Blank"
Water injection workboat (Bremen Ports) in operation: working crane on deck

HY-107 "Friesland"
Sounding vessel (WSA Emden)

HY-107A "Tide"
Sounding vessel (WSA Bremerhaven) in operation: working crane on deck

HY-108 "Jade"
Sounding vessel (WSA Wilhelmshaven)

HY-108A "Paapsand"
Sounding vessel (WSA Emden) in working position: working crane on deck

Sounding vessel (WSA Cuxhaven)
For friends of the ferry scene the Rassow-Libben ferry (white fleet) might be interesting. During 1974 - 1994 she connected Hiddensee with Rügen (capacity: 54 passengers, 6 cars).

HY-104 "Rassow-Libben"
Ro-pax ferry

2011-02-09  new:

Three ships with ecologic usage.
At first the research vessel Beaufort, which completed several test runs with different towing kites (SkySails GmbH).

HY-99A "Beaufort"

HY-102 "Leyhörn"
The Leyhörn was designed for operation in the coastal waters of the North Sea. A modern oil-recovery system can recover 80 m³ of oil per hour. Special gas and explosion protection permit operation in dangerous environments.

HY-103 "Steubenhöft"
The multi purpose vessel Steubenhöft had been designed as water injection ship.
Das Kümo Greundiek, is a museum ship and is operated by "Alter Hafen Stade e.V.". It is very well known in Northern Germany.
HY-105 "Greundiek"
The pusher boat Alfred Uhr belongs to the 27th type series of "Yachtwerft Berlin". It is operated by "Deutsche Binnenreederei". Here shown with four coal barges.
HY-106 "SCH 2706 Alfred Uhr"

2010-07-28  new:

Today are released some specialized ships. To the fleet of Airbus transport ships is now added the ro-ro-freighter Kugelbake. It is available in three variants:
HY-75 "Kugelbake", unloaded
HY-75A "Kugelbake", with containers
HY-75B "Kugelbake", with Airbus equipment
A further specialized ship is the buoy tender Buk (WSV Stralsund). After taking over 1992 by the shipping company Brise it was used also for research projects. New name: Beaufort. It is internationally known from tests of Skysails company.
HY-98 "Buk" HY-99 "Beaufort"
For friends of inland navigation the pusher boat SCH 2635 of type Elbe is now available. It is multi-purpose used.
HY-89 "SCH 2635"
pusher boat SCH 2635
HY-89A "SCH 2635"
Push tow with four barges
HY-89B "SCH 2635"
Push tow with barge for Airbus equipment
For colectors of ferries the "Hein Godenwind" in a new version as Skagen Express (Stena Line) may be interesting.
HY-KÜ-43A "Hein Godenwind"

2010-04-20  new:

Beside the anchor handling tugs from the Harms company the HY-Series now also contains the new Baltic Sea tugs Kiel and Claus. They are the most powerfull tugs in the Baltic Sea.
Home ports are Kiel respectively Travemünde.
  HY-87 "Kiel" HY-88 "Claus"
The catamaran Hansestar HY-KÜ-15 has appeared in a revised edition. HY-KÜ-15A shows the catamaran 2008 after sale to the Netherlands as Willem Barentsz.
HY-KÜ-15 "Hansestar"
Elbe-City-Jet, totally coloured in white.
HY-KÜ-15A "Wilhelm Barentsz"
served the route Harlingen - Terschelling.
Collectors of the HADAG-Fleet might be interested in the ferry Bürgermeister Mönckeberg, which had been used for Elbe trips.
HY-KÜ-46 "Bürgermeister Mönckeberg"

2010-03-05  new:

Yacht design is connected with luxury, elegance, extreme innovation, futuristic ship architecture and creativity of wellknown yachtdesigners.
So yachts are often designed with soft, expressive and very racy shapes.
In the HY-series are now launched following five modern and shapely yachts.
  A modern hightech-yacht in Vintage style. The owner is Neil Taylor.
  The fastest yacht of the world; owner is car- and yacht producer John Staluppi.
  Megayacht. Former owner was prince Karim Aga Khan. 1992 fastest atlantic crossing.
HY-96 "Lady Ann Magee"   An english superyacht and charteryacht. Owner is the british irish businessman Michael Smurfit.
  Superyacht. Owner is Indy Yachts.

2010-01-05  new:

HY-92 "Kalizma"
In the HYDRA series is now launched the historical luxury yacht Kalizma (1906; Z=1967) of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The ship is still used as private yacht and owned now by an indian billionaire.

HY-10A "Glückstadt"
The car ferry Glückstadt had been modified end of the 90th. The model shows the ferry with the new bridge.
In the ART series has now been added four passenger paddle steamers owned by the "Norddeutscher Lloyd", the so called "Fischgeschwaders". These very popular paddlers were used for coastal service at Bremerhaven.
HY-ART-48 "Delphin"  
HY-ART-49 "Forelle"  
HY-ART-50 "Hecht"  
HY-ART-51 "Lachs"  
At the end of the last year two new versions of Hamburg harbour ferries and two Baltic Sea passenger ships had been launched:
Oortkaten, passenger ferry at Hamburg Harbour (type 2000).
Advertising international horticultural show 2013 in Wilhelmsburg.

HY-KÜ-44 "Oortkaten"
Tollerort, passenger ferry at Hamburg Harbour (type 2000).
Advertising musical Tarzan.

HY-KÜ-45 "Tollerort"
Passenger ship Nordwelle, ex. Gorch Fock (see HY-KÜ-41).
With blind funnel operating under shipping company Deilmann.

HY-KÜ-47 "Nordwelle"
Passenger ship Nordsee I, ex. Hein Godenwind (see HY-KÜ-43) under shipping company "Förde-Reederei GmbH".
HY-KÜ-48 "Nordsee I"

2009-09-11  new:

Some weeks ago I presented historical passenger feries for the HY-ART-series. The following new models represent a newer generation of HADAG passenger ferries.
The design of the "Gorch Fock" had been very modern in the sixties. Here without the later blind funnel.
"Gorch Fock"
The modern harbour ferry "Max Brauer" in the todays outfit after removing live boats and life rafts. In this way the space for the big sun decks could be created. The model takes advertisements for "GermanyRadio".
"Max Brauer"
The "Hein Godenwind" is a beautifully styled passenger ferry. As the Gorch Fock this ship also had been used for the Helgoland- and Hörnum-Service.
"Hein Godenwind"

2009-07-22  new:

The HY-ART-production line has been expanded with seven new historical steamers: four offshore steamers (Helgoland service) and three riverboats (Elbe service).
Offshore steamers:

"Prinzess Marie"
Two years under Albert Ballin coloured in black, later changed to white coating - see also "Germania" (HY-ART-6).

1899 sold by HAPAG, used 25 years as passenger ferry to Helgoland. 1924 as "Cuxhaven" sold to "Stade Altländer Linie" (see HY-ART-4).

Ship owner was the famous J.C. Godeffroy. Technically ahead of the times its maximum speed was 15 knots.

The Groden has been sold 1862 by HAPAG. Used as passenger ferry.

The Gutenberg was still made of wood and owned by Stader DSG. 1842 used as munitions transporter to save Hamburg from the blaze.

HADAG passenger ferry from 1900 - 1927. Used between Hamburg and Finkenwerder.

"Delphin IV"
The Delphin had been built by Blohm & Voss. Until 1937 used by Wachsmuth & Krogmann between Hamburg and Harburg. 1943 sunken by bombs. 1946 recovered and completely restored (see HY-ART-29).

2009-05-07  new:

Four more models of anchor handling tugs, because of the big interest in the already delivered. Pegasus is yet another model of the Harms-tug-project. Tempest (in two layouts) und Smitwijs Typhoon are made in Netherlands. They complete the collection since the german anchor handling tugs had been developed from these.

HY-84 "Pegasus"
The anchor handling tug Pegasus in offshore mode.
Sistership of Centaurus and Primus HY-83

HY-85 "Smitvijs Typhoon"
The anchor handling tug Smitvijs Typhoon also in offshore mode.

HY-86 "Tempest"
The anchor handling tug Tempest in tug mode (ship owner Wijsmuller).

HY-86A "Tempest"
The anchor handling tug Tempest in offshore mode (ship owner ITC).

2009-04-05  new:

Today a very common view in the harbour of Hamburg: the yellow container taxi. Here pushed by the tug "Löwe". Both are owned by Carl Robert Eckelmann/Hamburg. Available separately.

HY-90 + HY-91
tug & container taxi
"Stadt Kiel", ex. Westerland (HADAG) was a former passenger ferry in Kiel. The ship was used for short trips to Denmark.
"Stadt Kiel"

2008-12-02  new:

The last two models of the Harms-tug-project:

HY-81 "Magnus"
The anchor handling tug Magnus in tug mode: decorated with cables and fenders.

HY-82 "Taurus"
Taurus in offshore mode. On deck lying a special anchor and some other technical equipment.

2008-11-28  new:

Today I can offer you the new Harms AHTs (anchor handling tugs). It took some time to produce this ships because of the details made of etching material.

HY-79 "Janus"
The anchor handling tug Janus in tug mode. With his 234 t. bollard pull he is one of the most powerful tugs of the world.

HY-80 "Ursus"
Ursus in offshore mode. On deck lying a special anchor and some other technical equipment.

HY-83 "Primus"
The anchor handling tug Primus in tug mode.

2008-09-19  new:

Övelgönne is the last missing Hamburg harbour ferry of type 2000.
The design shows "Tag der Legenden", an annual match at the Millerntor football stadium of Hamburg.

HY-KÜ-39 "Övelgönne"
Furthermore a history set of LV13:
- Outer Gabbard
- Tongue (with helicopter deck)
- museum ship in Hamburg harbour

HY-76 "history set LV13"

2008-06-06  new:

"Pidder Lyng"
This passenger ferry of WDR ("Wyker Dampfschiffreederei") was used for Helgoland service for a long time.
ex Stadt Kiel, ex Heimatland, ex Westerland.

"Flyingcat 5"
After operating in Baltic Sea and Northsea (Helgoland service) this passenger cat now sails under Greek flag.
Former: "Hansejet" (see HY-KÜ-16), total new design after marginal conversions.

HY-59A "U-Boot 434"
The museum submarine U-434 of Hamburg is now available also as fullhull.
The waterline model exists already a long time (see HY-59).
The U-434 is one of the greatest non-nuclear submarines of the world. Many tourist trips and the Hamburg sight seeing tours stop at the U-434.
More info:  www.u-434.de

2008-04-25  new:

Two more HADAG type ships 2000 in scale 1 : 400 are launched today:
HY-400-4 "Waltershof"
advertising "Deutschlandfunk"
HY-400-8 "Övelgönne"
advertising "Tag der Legenden" (Fußball)

2008-04-11  new:

To meet several demands I have produced a couple of models scale 1 : 400.
The HADAG type ship 2000, which is by now a well-known detail of Hamburg Harbour, is released today in many different versions.
Although I'll continue producing mainly in scale 1:1250 there will be started a new series HY-400 in my production line containing selected models in scale 1:400.
As in the past I try to cover also in this partition a whole subject area.
HY-400-1 "Elbmeile"
advertising Relius and Point of Colour
HY-400-2 "Altenwerder"
advertising The Lion King
HY-400-3 "Tollerort"
advertising "Jägermeister"
HY-400-5 "Reeperbahn"
advertising Casino Esplanade
HY-400-6 "Harmonie"
advertising "Deutscher Ring"
HY-400-7 "St. Pauli"
advertising "Deutscher Ring"

2007-11-09  new:

The former danish railway ferry "Dronning Ingrid" (DSB) (see HY-6C). had been converted at great expense to the world's largest charity hospital ship. The operator is a christian help organisation.

HY-72 "Ex-Dronning Ingrid"
after conversion to hospital ship.
The ship is currently positioned in Monrovia/Liberia to bring medical care.

HY-KÜ-38 "Reeperbahn"
HADAG- passenger ferry No. 62 at Hamburg harbour. Red coloured ferry advertising for Hamburg gaming house

2007-09-06  new:

The new models are interesting for both, collectors of airplane models and collectors of ship models.
Subject: transport of airbus A380 components with purpose-built ships. Transport is necessary by sea between UK, France, Spain and Germany, by river in UK and in France.
transport by sea:
HY-71 "Ville de Bordeaux"
transport by river in UK:
HY-73 "Afon Dyfrdwy"
HY-73A "Afon Dyfrdwy"
loaded with wing
transport by river in France:
HY-74A "Breuil"
loaded with cockpit
HY-74B "Brion"
loaded with wing

2007-05-10  new:

"Giulia D'Abundo"
"Wave Mercury"
"Kloar Kimming"

2007-02-18  new:

Tollerort, harbour ferry in Hamburg
with Jägermeister logo.
Available again:
HY-31 "Prinsesse Alexandrine"
HY-32 "Prins Christian"

2007-01-11  new:

Available again: HY-10 "Glückstadt"

2006-12-08 new:

Cetus, a SWATH pilot tender (now a widespread type in The Netherlands)
HY-65A "Cetus"
Today added in our catalogue HY-KÜ:
the traditional ferry Kirchdorf, which is operating in the harbour of Hamburg.

HY-KÜ-30C "Kirchdorf"

2006-11-10  new:

Available again:
HY-34 "Nyborg" HY-51 "Venus" HY-52 "Gioventu"

2006-10-18  new:

Available again:
HY-3 "Kong Frederik IX" HY-36 "Skane Link"