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model series


contains the basic series: a collection of big ferries (danish and german railway or car ferries) and smaller ones (operating on Elbe, Kiel fjord, Weser...). It contains also many special purpose vessels (lightvessels, incineration ships, icebreaker, radio transmitter ships, museum ships ...)


contains historical ships: tourist vessels, small ferries and harbour ships, also many HADAG-ferries and historical paddlesteamers (see the book “Raddampfer auf der Niederelbe“ from Kurt Grobecker and Hans v. Buschmann, CONVENT-Verlag, 2002) and some paddlesteamers of Lauenburg (see the book “Die Familie Basedow und die Elbschiffahrt” from Th. Basedow and W. Hinsch, Lauenburger Hefte zur Binnenschiffahrtsgeschichte, 2003)


contains offshore ferries (harbour and river) primarily operating on Elbe, Weser, Kiel fjord and north sea.
Here you find also HADAG-feries and some german catamarans.


(no longer available)

contains a small special series of ferries:
The three car ferries “Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf“, “Jochen Steffen” and “Wilhelm Kaisen” of the ship companie Elbe-Ferry (Cuxhaven - Brunsbüttel) and models of their various states (of their danish history).


contains a small edition of models in scale 1 : 400.
Here you find also HADAG-ferries (type 2000 ships).