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search tips

search terms:

You can search for all terms or parts of words, which are used in the various catalogues to give informations about the model. For example name of ship, country, HY-number (e.g. HY-13, HY-KÜ-23...), ship type, ... or additional information like HADAG, DSB, SWATH, WSA, harbour names ... (as far as they are noted).

Please use the singular for searching terms: ferry instead of ferries ...

The first output shows only models, which are available. An additional link at the end of the list provides all matching models.

ß, ä ö ü ...:

are not necessary for searching to support also international keyboards.
So Brunsbüttel and Brunsbuttel or Groß and Gros lead to the same results.


You can use up to three terms for one search.
Listed are only items, which match them all (AND links).