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privacy notice

personal data

all personal data (for example name, email address, address, ...) transmitted through any contact is never passed on to third parties and will be used from our side only to manage the correspondence. The user has the right to find out what personal data has been stored and may apply to get this information at no charge. He has the right of correction and deletion of any personal data.


are used only to manage the order function (to collect the various items from the different catalogues).
No personal evaluations are carried out based on this information. Cookies are automatically deleted by the browser: items after 24 hours; address after 40 days.


following information is saved through the provider: names of referred pages, date and time, browser information, referrer URL, IP-address. The provider reserves the right to check the data, if there is a reasonable suspicion of illegal use.

inclusion of contents made available by third parties

we make every attempt to use third party contents only if the operators are using the IP-addresses just for displaying informations. However we have no influence on whether they save them for instance for statistical purposes.